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The living room of any house is the central place as most of the time is spent there and a lot of effort is put into decorating it. It has a multiple function of being a place for active relaxation, spending time with family and friends, working and dining. Selecting living room furniture should therefore be done very carefully. A living room is also a place in which your personality and lifestyle are most visible.

Our main advantage is that we support individual needs of our customers, recognize their lifestyle, aesthetic criteria and we are able to adjust to the desired interior design style. We manufacture furniture of all styles, materials, colours and sizes, all of which can be easily made to fit the dimensions, space characteristics and matched to the remaining rooms.

Our furniture is characterized by top-quality design, quality material perfect processing and pronounced functionality.



NAZIV NABAVE: Informatizacija poslovnih procesa tvrtke
Evidencijski broj nabave: 02/2017
Datum objave: 15.03.2017.
Rok za dostavu ponuda: 04.04.2017.

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